Bethany DiTecco is a landscape photographer from Ontario, Canada.

Her love of photography started at a young age, when she would play with her parents film camera, until they got her a point-and-shoot digital camera for her 13th birthday. And that's where the love affair began. She would spend hours at a time taking photos of random things around the house, flowers in the backyard, and far too many selfies.

 Then, after joining an online photography scavenger hunt (the Chrysta Rae Photography Scavenger Hunt) in May 2012, she decided this was something she wanted to take more seriously, so she purchased her first DSLR, and it's been a fun ride ever since.

Mostly focusing on landscape photography, but dabbling in many other genres as well. Such as; portaiture, aviation, and macro photography. She has had photos featured at the Table Rock Gallery in Niagara Falls, on Google Chromecast, published in the book "Man-Made Wonders of the World'' by DK UK, and has had a few photos published in magazines.

I hope you enjoy going through my online gallery. Thanks for checking it out!

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